Copyright Policy and Resource Guide Permission for Your Course Pack

I've analyzed my intended use and it just isn't fair use. How do I get permission?

Although the fair use exception and the classroom guidelines outlined above are instructive, there are those cases where permission is required for course pack material. Course pack request forms and instructions are located in the college bookstore. Complete the form and submit it to the Textbook Manager. (See Appendix A for a sample request form.) The average time for obtaining permission is six weeks. However, one can frequently expect several weeks' delay in cases where copyright owners are elusive. Faculty should remain sensitive to the timelines when submitting requests to the Textbook Manager. It is inappropriate to assume that a copyright owner's failure to respond to a request means that we may use the copyrighted material.

Be advised that copyright permission for course pack material is course specific. License from a publisher (usually the copyright owner) to use material in a course pack is good for that course only, for a certain number of copies, for a certain time period. This license is non-transferable and cannot be used in any other course at any other time.

For permission requests for non-course related material you have three options:

  1. You may seek permission on your own by simply contacting the listed copyright holder;
  2. You may use a service that will seek permission for you in exchange for a fee; or
  3. Contact Chris Call, Vice President for Administration and for Research, Planning & Implementation (; ext. 6023).

At Appendix B you will find a list of web addresses for a few well-known publishing houses and other resources that facilitate permission.