Westmont Magazine The Second Time Around

Based on their personal experiences, Kay Marshall Strom ’65 and her husband, Dan Kline, have written a book, “The Savvy Couple’s Guide to Marrying after 35” (InterVarsity Press 2003). Married in 1998, Kay and Dan have drawn on their backgrounds in writing and public speaking to create a guidebook for an increasingly growing percentage of the population. People are waiting longer to get married and many choose to marry again after divorce or the death of a spouse. Unfortunately, second marriages have an even greater failure rate than first marriages.

In response to this problem, the authors enlist the wisdom of seven marriage counselors and 35 couples across the country as they face the issues of a mature marriage. “The Savvy Couple’s Guide” discusses topics related to property, parenting a blended family, handling two careers, as well as dealing with emotional baggage from the past and spending enjoyable time together. In the margins of each page, Kay and Dan provide Biblical passages, helpful quotes and thoughtful questions to help individuals better understand themselves and their spouses. After chapters dealing with difficult issues such as “Money, the Root of it All” and “So What Stuff Is Big Enough to Sweat?” the authors assure readers that “Love Never Fails.”

The fact that Kay and Dan have faced the challenges described makes the book especially valuable. After his first wife died, leaving him to raise adolescent twins, Dan went through an unsuccessful second marriage. Kay became the caregiver to her increasingly disabled husband until he passed away. After developing their friendship for more than a decade, the couple say they are happily married and invite readers to join in their blessing.

Dan is a professional speaker, and Kay has written more than 30 books. She has also worked as an educator in the California State University system.