Smartsheet has been used at Westmont since 2011 in a host of settings. These have included:

  • Contract administration
  • Emergency planning
  • AED tracking
  • Internship agreements
  • IRB project review
  • Student meal plan management
  • Mailbox assignments
  • CUP compliance
  • Student DRIVER system
  • Budget modeling
  • and others.

In 2020, 2021 and 2022 an expanded the suite of features became available, enabling yet more robust acceleration of repetitive business processes. Email if you'd like to learn whether a process challenge you're up against could be solved with less manual interaction.

More to come, but for starters ...

  • Dynamic View video - Personalized content curated just for you from among the college's Smartsheet resources. At this stage only a few people have content ready for their review and action.

Troy Harris is a Smartsheet evangelist, having earned Smartsheet's Core Product Certification and the Process Solution Certification. He's always finding new ways to leverage the system's capabilities. In addition to numerous projects for Westmont he’s also provided Smartsheet solutions—focused on emergency management—for 20+ other schools (Azusa Pacific, Baylor, Berklee Music, Claremont, MIT, Stanford Medical, U of Tennessee Knoxville, U of Rochester, …) He's familiar with the specialty tools called Data Shuttle, DataMesh, Dynamic View, and WorkApps, plus Labs, and DocuSign and Zapier integrations; and is ramping up with Document Builder, Pivot and Calendar. He's developed solutions that impress even the Smartsheet techs. He was invited by Smartsheet to present at their 2022 Engage conference (3,500 attendees) on a solution he titled YesTracker; and gave a presentation at a national conference of business managers titled "Making Smartsheet Sing." He's said that working with Smartsheet is nearly as much fun as riding his Harley. In his retirement Troy has agreed to continue on staff applying his skills to help achieve new efficiencies and cost savings.

Bill Groeneveld and Jason Tavarez have been creating solutions in Smartsheet as well, finding huge savings over manual keyboarding and process tracking, by using automated workflows, content filters, and other slick tricks.

Here are many of the Smartsheet solutions developed since 2011, with their 3-character identifier codes:

  • AED Defibrillator Monitoring
  • AUX Auxiliary Services
  • cCP Campus Construction Projects
  • CIP Capital Improvement Projects
  • CPN Food Svc CouponTracker
  • CTR ConTracker contract tracking
  • CUP Conditional Use Permit compliance
  • DEV Feedback about DevTracker
  • DRV Student Driver DMV Check
  • FNA Financial Aid Grant Program
  • FNS Fin.S Budget Model
  • HSG Mayterm Housing assignments
  • IRB Institutional Review Board project tracking
  • MBX BoxTracker for Mailing Services box assignments
  • MRG MERRAG (Montecito Emergency Response & Recovery Action Group)
  • NIM Natl Intercollegiate Mutual Aid
  • RSL Institutional Resilience
  • RTr ReadyTracker Emergency Management
  • VAX Vaccination Tracker

Use the DevTracker form to report bugs, suggest tweaks and recommend enhancements to any of the Smartsheet solutions.

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Smartsheet Online Collaboration

Cleversheet is Troy Harris's side business in retirement. He can be reached at

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