Westmont Magazine Wallace Emerson Society

When John and Barbara Lundberg celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in August, they will also look back on a 53-year history with Westmont. John joined the music faculty in 1947 and taught for 32 years, and Barbara and their four children are all graduates. “Westmont has been such a blessing,” John says. He’s grateful the late John Hubbard took a chance and hired him with just a B.A.; he later earned a doctorate in music from USC and directed the Westmont Choir and Quartet. He also sang in the Old Fashioned Revival Hour quartet. “Westmont has held the line and kept Christ preeminent, and that helped our children get their values straight,” John notes. “That’s why Barbara and I have supported it over the years and want to keep giving after we’re gone.” The Lundbergs have made a provision for Westmont in their estate and are charter members of the Wallace Emerson Society.

For more information about the Wallace Emerson Society, call Iva Schatz, Director of Planned Giving, (805) 565-6034 or (800) 998-5652.