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Jon Meacham on Three Key Characteristics of the American Revolution

Jon Meacham

We have to listen and admit occasionally that the other side has a point. That is America at its best.

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David Brooks on Lies About Life and the Four Great Commitments

“Most of life is choosing what you already chose, just as all writing is rewriting and all commitment-making is recommitment. Our lives are stories of recommitment."

Feeding the Planet: Food Security in the 21st Century

Africa has the potential to feed the planet. But barriers stand in the way.

Backstories: Beneath the Surface

To help people make sense of our complex world, history professor Alister Chapman has created a blog, The Rest of the Iceberg (restoftheiceberg.org). Tackling topics such as conflicts between nations, health care, soccer, the Electoral College and the wide streets in Paris, he seeks to provide clear answers to questions people ask.

From Avoidance to Acceptance: Stepping Toward Wellness

More and more people in our society–including college students—report feeling anxious. Dealing with the unexpected in life can leave us confused, lost, anxious and seemingly alone. Although young adults can experience a remarkably exciting and enriching season in life, they can also face significant uncertainty, instability and transition.

Seeking the Good Life in the Book of Joel

Today I want to talk with you about the Good Life. I assume that, more than anything, even more than the great education you get here at Westmont, you long for a good life. Of course, Westmont is a wonderful partner in seeking the Good Life.