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To Build a Trail

Willis Trail

“[S]he being dead yet speaketh.”

Though I didn’t disappear with a shovel into the woods until the first week of June, I think now that it started when my mother died in April. Hers was a lingering death from cancer in her abdomen. 

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Flourishing as Human Beings: The Impact of Practicing Gratitude

No matter where we find ourselves in life, we all desire to flourish. According to current research on gratitude, savoring good things in life helps us flourish both personally and professionally. You might be thinking, “Hasn’t the notion of gratitude been around for centuries?” And you would be right. From the earliest of times theologians, philosophers, and sociologists have exalted gratitude as a central virtue. Yet only recently has gratitude been studied scientifically.

Pursuing Truth in a Computer-Mediated World

In my iOS development class last year, I was giving a lecture at the same time Apple was announcing a product release. Students in the class were stealthily following their real-time news feed and interrupted me with some critical news: The software updates seemed to invalidate everything I was teaching. I had to concede the landscape had just shifted, so I told them, “Class is over. I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow.” It’s just the nature of the business.

Environmentalism and the Evangelical

As I have travelled, written and spoken on environmental stewardship in Christian circles for the last decade— from college students to seminarians, professors to cattle farmers, Californians to Kentuckians—I have seen a church continue to wrestle with how best to address this topic.