Feature Stories Magazine Fall 2023

Students Change Resilience Oak Trees

Change, Resilience, and Obedience to God's Call

by Amanda Sparkman, Associate Professor of Biology

Adapted from her talk in Westmont Chapel, March 3, 2023, as part of the Conversation on the Liberal Arts: “Educating for the Unknown: Liberal Arts in the Age of Climate Change”

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by Connie Gundry Tappy ’80

Chandra Mallampalli Heads East

After 22 years at Westmont, Chandra Mallampalli, former Fletcher Jones Foundation professor of social sciences and professor of history, has moved to the East Coast.

by Hannah Van Essen '25

A Stopping Place

Life feels fast. Often, I wish I spent less of my time in transit. Movement, it appears, is the new normal. When I need to slow down, though, I go to poetry. It has the uncanny ability of expanding to fill most other spaces in my life.

Images That Inspire WORSHIP

Westmont is committed to an artist-friendly process to develop fresh and bold contemporary Christian imagery for long-term use in this beautiful chapel worship setting.