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Westmont Fund Donations Tripled on Giving Tuesday

Inspired by Giving Tuesday, a new donor has stepped up to double every gift made Wednesday through Friday, November 30 at 5 pm PST to the Westmont Fund, up to a total of $50,000.

“This anonymous donor has a personal passion for ensuring students have the financial resources to thrive and grow by attending Westmont.” says Jonathan Thomas, Senior Director of Annual Giving. “The donor hopes to encourage others to give any amount, as they are able, to set students on the lifelong trajectory of significance God has for them.”

“You can always spot a Westmont alum,” says Reed Sheard, Vice President for College Advancement and Chief Information Officer. “Whether they are leading from the front of an organization or behind the scenes, giving their lives to causes that matter, our alums make a difference wherever they are.

“The world needs many more Westmonters. I’m excited to see how our donor’s matching gift to the Westmont Fund will inspire our community to come alongside students and help.”

To have your gift to the Westmont Fund matched, please make your gift by Friday: