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Veterans Day: A Day to Give Extra Thank Yous

Maya Davis
Maya Davis

Maya Davis, a sophomore from Ontario, Calif., was always interested in joining the military, even when she enrolled at Westmont.  So, when representatives of UC Santa Barbara’s ROTC Program were on campus, she knew the time was right.

“I thought, ‘This is it, my ticket into the military,’ and I joined,” she says. “Not even knowing what an officer was, I joined and have never looked back.”

Davis knew she wanted to get a college degree before attending the military to have a fallback plan. Now, in her second year, she is more involved and thoroughly enjoying the ROTC’s Surfrider Battalion.

The kinesiology pre-med major plans on becoming a medevac pilot, field nurse or physical therapist. “If I decide to not re-enlist out of the military after my contract is finished, I will become a physical therapist or a pilot,” she says.

Davis was introduced to Westmont through a college fair at her high school, visited the campus a month later and fell in love with her dream school.

“My time here has been amazing,” she says. “Of course, with anything education based, it has its ups and downs, but during those downs I have people around me supporting me through my struggles. You wouldn’t get that in any big school.”

Davis, vice president of the new Westmont Veterans Club, says Veterans Day is a day to celebrate those who risked their lives to protect their families, loved ones, and even those they didn’t know.

“It’s a day to celebrate veterans for their passion and service for this country — a day to remember them as soldiers, not just civilians,” she says. “This is also a day for members currently serving and for their example and inspiration to those who want to serve. I’ve spoken to many veterans and they all have something different to say, but the one thing in common is that they wouldn’t exchange their service for anything and that they’d do it again.

“Veterans Day is to remember those who have fallen and those who were able to walk away. A day to say a few extra thank yous for what they’ve done for our country.”