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Will's Tourney: a collaboration of stick and disc golfers

May 13, 2019 is the 11th Annual Will's Tourney Stick & Disc Golf Tournament at the Glen Annie Golf Club.
The event is officially sponsored by Westmont College and organized annually by Will's family, friends and Westmont College.

A collaboration of stick and disc golfers toward a shared goal.
The idea is to raise scholarship money by having as many people as possible, collaborating on the course at the same time.

Please join us on May 13, 2019 at 11:30. All are welcome to participate! If you are unable to golf, please come for dinner and a raffle at 5:15 p.m.

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Tourney Info

At the Golf and Disc Tourney, teams of traditional golfers and disc golfers will play their own sport. But they’ll be collaborating to raise money for the William Wiersma Scholarship Endowment.

How the Tournament is Played

This is a conventional Best Ball / Best Disc Tournament. Traditional golfers and disc golfers will play their own game, keep track of their individual best scores on each hole and submit the best combined 18 scores at the end of the tournament.

What is Disc Golf
Rules for Disc Golf

Although traditional golf and disc golf have a lot in common, the two aren’t usually played at the same time and on the same course. And so to maintain the integrity of each sport and the enjoyment of each player the two sports will be played in parallel, but not blended. All four members on each team will play only what they came to play.

You may assemble a foursome yourself using the online registration form. Or simply register individually and identify your sport and you’ll be assigned to a foursome. For registration questions please email

The regulations regarding play, pace, dress, shoes, etc., in place on the day of play at Glen Annie Golf Club will be in force on the day of the tournament.

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