Words of Warriors A Letter to the Spring Semester

Dear Spring,

There are many things I’d like to say to you. First of all, thank you for finally arriving! We were all getting pretty tired of 2020. I would like to request, though, that, you do much better than last year. It would be great if you could give us Spring Sing, graduation, and maybe even the end of a pandemic. In exchange, I am willing to make a few new-semester-resolutions. I will try my best to follow through with them.

First of all, I will do better with chapel attendance. I know last semester my 14% attendance probably didn’t look so good. This spring, I will set an alarm to remember to take the quiz. Hopefully Scott Lisea will receive a lot fewer “Oops, I forgot again” emails this semester.

Next, I will show up to my Zoom classes on time. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it. I will try to show up at 9:14 instead of 9:16. I know I should probably be 5 minutes early, but usually, around 9:10, I’m rolling out of bed, so one minute early is the best I can offer.

I also will work on responding to Jason Tavarez’s lovely 1:03 a.m. emails. He clearly cares deeply, so the least I can do is fill out his daily survey. Sometimes I may not get around to it until I go to bed, but at least I will be responding to him. (P.S. We are so grateful for you Jason!)

When I get in line for the DC (which is as long as the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland, but without any of the fun), I will stop getting the side salad and pretending that I will actually eat it, but really only take two bites and toss the rest. I will be honest with myself, and always get the cookies.

Finally, and I mean this one, I will start asking for help. It’s been a tough year, so I will work on relying on the people around me: my friends, family, and professors. I know they all care a lot, so I want to stop being afraid of showing weakness. The truth is, I don’t have it all together this spring, so I may need to ask for support from the people who love me so well. I really hope you will consider this agreement, spring. I look forward to seeing all that you hold.

An Expectant Westmont Warrior

Bonus: Here are some new-semester-resolutions from some fellow Warriors!

  • “I will eat healthier meals”
  • “I will stop wearing makeup”
  • “I will get into more good habits before graduation”
  • “I will graduate”
  • “I will be more intentional about managing overwhelming and emotional health challenges”
  • “I will be more well-organized and have better time management”
  • “I will wake up earlier”
  • “I will spend more time in prayer”
  • And my personal favorite: “I will play more Just Dance!”

Good luck Warriors, and have a great spring 2021!