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The relationships and experiences we have at Westmont push our faith, expand our knowledge, challenge our beliefs, and enable us to use our talents more fully in the service of Christ.

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From residence hall competitions to outrageous swells of Warrior pride - like in the annual Spring Sing event at the Santa Barbara Bowl - our students are engaged and invested in life beyond the classroom.

Student Stories

Experience Spring Sing

Student Stories

D   E   E   P   E   R

c o n n e c t i o n s

Morgan Vigil Bethany Le '19
Music speaks to her soul

Ana Bulger Ana Bulger '19
Chemistry is cool

Zach Walker Zach Walker '19
Surfing, education and passion collide

Andy Hernandez Andy Hernandez '20
Pursuing her passion

Andy Hernandez Johnathan Harrell '18
Telling his story

Leandra Marshall Leandra Marshall '17
Finding her place

Josh Edmonson Josh Edmonson '17
Seeing God in research

Abby Gritter Abby Gritter '17
Pursuing social entrepreneurship

Lalia Mangione Lalia Mangione '17
Prepared to serve in many different spheres

Matt Matlock
Matt Matlock '17
The team is like a family

Becky Collier Becky Collier '17
NAIA champion heptathlete

John Wong John Wong '18
Making people feel welcome

David Hall
David Hall '18
Finding his purpose

Rebekah Wong
Rebekah Wong '18
Inspired by community

We come to Westmont from every walk of life. Each of us unique. All of us eager to learn from the others. And even though we’re a diverse community of artists, activists, athletes, musicians, scholars, gamers, and dreamers, we’re connected by a common thread: our deep love for Jesus Christ. You’ll feel His presence in every club you join, game you play, and country you visit. And it’s here, among this culture of Christian values and infinite possibilities, that you’ll discover your passion (or two, or three).

Student Clubs & Activities

40+ Student Clubs & Organizations

Participate in one of 32 student-led clubs and organizations or start your own to realize your passion.

Are you interested in a career in medicine? Meet with the Pre-Health Club. You can compete with Westmont Wildfire, the Ultimate Frisbee team, or use up some energy with N’Step, the Hip Hop dance team, Salsa Dance or Zumba. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you can join Dumbledore’s Army.

Active Minds at Westmont
Chemistry Club
Science and Faith
Garden Club
Swing Dance Club
Transfer Community
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Writers' Guild
Auto Enthusiasts
Microfinance Initiative

See the full list of clubs

Serve Locally and Globally

Live out your faith through a student ministry in the local community or abroad. You’ll be amazed at what God teaches you and how you’ll grow. Urban Initiative reaches out to people with needs during the school year. Devote your spring break to serving people in Ensenada, Mexico, with Potter’s Clay. Or you can travel overseas during the summer with an Emmaus Road program to share your faith and gifts.

Explore Urban Initiative

Explore Potter's Clay

Explore Emmaus Road

Emmaus Road

Spring Sing

Join in the fun of Westmont traditions like Spring Sing, where the residence halls engage in an epic showdown of singing and dancing at the scenic Santa Barbara Bowl. The hilarity draws more students than any other Westmont activity all year.

Student Life

Living at Westmont

Living on campus extends your education beyond the classroom. Our diverse and Christ-centered community challenges and supports you as you grow in every area of your life and build meaningful relationships. You’ll learn to connect and work with people from different backgrounds than yours, joining together in a range of worthwhile and fun activities. Choose from more than 40 clubs, student organizations and events to deepen your college experience. Find many opportunities to lead and learn at Westmont.

Residence Life

Campus Life

Find Your Calling

The Office of Career Development and Calling will help you discover, develop and use the talents God has given you so you can succeed personally and professionally. Meet with our staff and career counselors to select a major, explore different career paths, draft a resume that begins to tell your story, learn how to prepare for a job or informational interview, and find your first internship or job-shadowing experience.

Career Development & Calling

students from 40 states and 36 countries
of students are from ethnic or diverse backgrounds
Of Students Live on Campus

Grow Your Faith at Westmont

Chapel unites the community through worship, the word and inspiring stories of God’s work and grace. Speakers come from a range of backgrounds and traditions and broaden your understanding of the worldwide church. Meet weekly with fellow students through Capax Dei (room for God) to dig deeper into Scripture, listen to the voice of God and pray. In class, professors share how their faith informs their scholarly work. Talk to your favorite teacher about your faith and your struggles, and they’ll guide you on your spiritual journey. Worship with the student-run Vespers service on Sunday evening. Get involved in a weekly ministry with the homeless community, tutor in a Santa Barbara school or reach out to local college students. Serve in places such as Uganda, Peru, Mexico and Taiwan during the summer. At Westmont, you’ll find a safe environment to seek a bigger view of God.

Ministry and Outreach

Campus Pastor

One Body, Many Members

God has blessed Christians with a national and worldwide community that includes people from backgrounds different than yours. The Intercultural Programs office educates all students about the value of diversity and deepens your understanding of historical prejudice and bias in the United States as it affects our institutions and interpersonal relationships. ICP offers you a range of activities from retreats to educational programs.

Intercultural Programs


Discover Warrior Pride

Cheer or play for our competitive Warrior athletic teams. Westmont has won eight National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Championships and 54 Golden State Athletic Conference Championships. More than 300 student-athletes have become NAIA All-Americans. You can also choose from 11 intramural sports and competitions, including rugby, soccer, volleyball, ping pong, polo and more—there’s something for everyone.

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