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Student Accounts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between the Student Accounts office andthe Financial Aid office?

The Student Accounts office processes the billing and collects payments.
The Financial Aid office awards scholarships and grants and processes loans applications.

Can I access my account online?

To access current account balance information, and answers to other frequently asked questions, please go to

How can parents receive billing emails?

Students designate other individuals, such as parents, by
logging in to their online account and inputting the name
and email address of each designee under Manage Access.

How do I get a receipt for my online payment?

Immediately after the payment is authorized, the bank will
send you an email with a payment confirmation. That payment
will be displayed when you login to your Student Account on
the next business day.

What forms of payment do you accept for Student Accounts?

Electronic transfers (ACH) are available on the links section of our webpage and also on the web services page. In order to credit the student on the same day, electronic transfer requests must be received in the Business Office before 6:00pm, Pacific Time.

Westmont College also accepts cash, money orders, checks or wire transfers for payments on a student’s account.

Do you accept Credit Card payments?

No, the credit card merchant fee is prohibitively expensive

When is the last day I can cancel my enrollment and still
receive a full refund?

If you cancel your enrollment before 9 a.m. on the first day
of the semester and have not attended any classes, you will
be eligible for a refund of your payments less your non-refundable deposit.

How do I avoid finance charges?

Finance charges are assessed on unpaid Student Account balances every month. Paying your balance in full each month avoids the assessment of finance charges.

How do I send a payment by wire?

To wire funds to Westmont, please use the following information:

Federal Routing Number: xxxxxxxxx (Please contact us for the number)
Bank Name and Address: Bank of the West
300 South Grand Ave. 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Beneficiary Account #: xxxx-xxx (Please contact us for the number)
Beneficiary Name: Westmont College
PLEASE REFERENCE: Student name and ID number

After you wire the money, please inform Student Account of the student ID, amount and name of your bank by email or phone.

How can I get cash on campus?

There is a Bank of the West ATM in Kerr Student Center.

Why do I have to pay a Health Fee?

The health fee partially defrays the cost of, and allows students access to services provided by the health care team at Westmont’s Student Health Center. The Student Health Center is a full service primary care clinic, providing care to students who are injured or ill.