Student Financial Services 1098T Tuition Tax Form

If you are looking for information on getting your 1098-T form, click here or call ECSI at (866) 428-1098.


Guide to Access 1098-T Online through Heartland ECSI
To view and print your 1098-T please visit:

(If you are having issues viewing/printing from the Heartland ECSI website try Internet Explorer or another web browser) 
1. Under school name begin typing: “Westmont College”, then press the Submit button:

2. Next input your first name, last name, SSN or TIN and Zip Code. 

3. In the next page your tax statements are available. To view the 1098-T statement(s) select the “+” on the right-hand side: 
4. Here you will see your 1098-T statement, look for the tax year you need, and on the right-hand 
Additional Information: 
Heartland ECSI can be reached at 866-428-1098 if you run into any issues with the Heartland ECSI website or if you would like a copy of your 1098-T statement mailed to your mailing address.