Annual Assessment Update Report Templates, Rubrics, Forms and Schedules

Annual Assessment Update Reports

All programs are required to file a yearly update of their assessment activities by September 15th. The GE program's submission date is October 15th. Reports should be written using the following template:

Annual Assessment Update Report Template

The Program Review Committee uses the following rubric to evaluate Annual Assessment Update Reports submitted by academic and co-curricular depatments.

Rubric for Evaluating Annual Assessment Reports

You may consider using the following Self-Check tool to evaluate your mission statement, PLOs, Curriculum Map and Multi-Year Assessment Plan, which should be posted on your departmental website:

Self-Check tool

For samples of the departmental websites with all required components click here.

Report Submission

Click here for report submission quidance

Report Submission Schedule and PR Cohorts

Submission Schedule

Program Review Cohorts