Art Major Concentration Graphic Arts

The Graphic Arts concentration is designed for students desiring to pursue work in areas of applied art such as graphic design or illustration. This curriculum allows a deeper focus in 2-D areas that can be customized with electives to provide the kind of skill set and portfolio preparation needed for the student’s individual career goals. We have titled this concentration Graphic Arts deliberately, as it points to the wide range of offerings available—this is not solely a graphic design and typography track, but one that also allows for such image-making courses in Screen Printing, Digital Painting, and Illustration.

There is significant crossover between the curricula of the Studio Arts track and the Graphic Arts track, by design: both Studio Art and Graphic Arts tracks emphasize acquisition of skills, conceptual sophistication, and vocational imagination. They carry the same commitment to the liberal arts and can serve students well in all future career paths. Our art majors experience the same required foundations courses regardless of their chosen track, and they enjoy deep community together in their capstone Senior Seminar courses and eventual final thesis exhibition in the Ridley-Tree Museum of Art each spring.

Requirements for Studio Art Major - Graphic Arts Concentration (61 Units)

Required Basic Core (45 units)

ART 010 2-D Design (4)
ART 015 Drawing I (4)

One of the following: (4)
        ART 021 Prehistoric to Gothic
        ART 022 Renaissance to Modern

ART 065 Digital Tools (4)
ART 093 Sophomore Project (1)
ART 111 4-D Intermedia (4)
ART 128 Modern and Contemporary (4)
ART 131 Theory and Criticism in the Arts (4)
ART 162 Screen Printing (4)
ART 167 Publication Design (4)
ART 163 Typography (4)
ART 193 Senior Project (2)
ART 195 Senior Seminar (2)

Studio Electives from the following (16 additional units, 8 of which must be taken from Art dept. courses)

ART 045 Digital Photography I (4)
ART 164 Design for Web and Screen (4)
ART 050 Painting I (4)
ART 070 3-D Sculptural Explorations (4)
ART 115 Drawing I (4)
ART 145 Film Photography I (4)
ART 150 Painting I (4)
ART 151 Illustration (4)
ART 161 Relief/Intaglio Printmaking (4)
ART 165 Digital Painting (4)
EB 150 Advertising and Brand Promotion (4)
EB 160 Principles of Marketing (4)
FLM 030 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (4)