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Grace Schonfeld
  • So You Want to Be a Chem Major: Surviving the Sophomore Triad

    When I tell people I am a biochemistry major, I get two reactions:

    1. "Hey, me too. Welcome to the No Sleep Club”.

    2. Oh gosh, that sucks. I’ll wave to you as I pass by your lab on my way to the beach.”

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  • Study Spots for Every Student


    Westmont's campus is beautiful and full of great study places inside and outside. There is a perfect spot for you somewhere, no matter how you like to study!

    For those who love the coffee shop vibe:

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  • Finding Balance During the School Year

    Planning, planning, planning. Procrastinating on the "doing" until I have an ideal vision of my day or week in my head--ultimately disappointed because life is never perfect. It has taken me several years to accept the unexpected interruptions without being annoyed by them inhibiting my priorities. I have learned that God works through the unexpected.

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  • Defending the Bubble

    All my life I have been surrounded by a Christian community, and I can clearly see how it is preparing me for life in the secular world. I witnessed high school peers choose public colleges so they could either be a light to non-Christians or broaden their perspective of the world. I feel the protective Christian bubble I have been living in, but I don’t want to pop it. Living within the bubble is admittedly easier than braving the world, yet the personal growth I am experiencing far outweighs any benefit I see of having experiences in a secular environment.

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