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Dining Website
The best starting point for accessing Dining information online will always be, with some additional information at Auxiliary Services.

Board program at the Dining Commons
Students on a meal plan are welcome to eat, socialize and study in the Dining Commons (DC) generally, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Anyone who purchases the standard meal plan has access to the dining commons during these hours. A limited 15-entries-per-week or 10-entries-per-week plan are also available to all students except first-year students during the fall semester. Students and others not on a board meal plan can pay per entry. Hours are limited on holidays and can be found online.

Late Night Dining in El Tejado

Except holidays, late-night dining is available from DC closing until 11pm Monday through Thursday. This includes the same “We Proudly Brew” Starbucks available at Ritchie’s Place. The patio and Monroe Dining Room are also open and they are accessible all night even after 11pm as a place to gather.

Retail Coffee and Snack Shop
A “We Proudly Brew” Starbucks outlet called Ritchie’s Place is also available on campus on weekdays. Information about Ritchie’s Place can be found at Meal Plans at the Dining Commons include “Board Flex Dollars'' that can be used there for guests or for any purchases at Ritchie’s Place. Fall Flex Dollars carry over to Spring if you are still on campus, but the combined Fall/Spring Flex Dollars expire at the end of Spring semester. The system uses Flex Dollars before voluntarily purchased Student Dollars.

Voluntary Dollars Options
Visit the cashier at the DC or Ritchie's Place to add a prepaid balance to your account accessed by your ID card (minimum purchase required). Voluntarily purchased Student Dollars can be used in the dining commons or at Ritchie’s Place, and for your guests at either location any time. Student Dollars purchases never expire, and can be refunded whenever you leave Westmont.

Sack Lunches
If you have a schedule conflict preventing you from accessing the dining commons regularly between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., you can request the Sack Lunch Program online, and must include a copy of your class schedule. Please allow a few days for processing your request.

Entering the Dining Commons without Paying or “Scanning in”
There is a $50 fine for entering the DC without paying or scanning in.  The same fine also applies for allowing someone else to use your access, unless you are with them and are using Student Dollars (or other funds) to purchase guest entry for them. Your Meal Plan can never be used to provide access to someone else. The same fine also applies to opening an alarmed and/or locked side door for someone to enter.

Removing Food or Dishes from the DC
The college has a continuous dining program which allows for access most of the day to those who have purchased meal plans or individual meals. It is important to the well-being of the entire community that this privilege is not abused. Diners who have eaten in the DC may leave with a piece of fruit or a dessert in their hand. Diners who have eaten in the DC may also leave with a beverage in their own mug. Food being removed should be visible to the cashier, and at no time should any food be put in backpacks, etc. while still inside the DC. Other types of food, entrees, etc., must be consumed in the DC and not removed unless the diner has purchased a to-go container when entering, does then not dine in the DC, and food may only be removed in that container. Dishes, cups, silverware, etc., may never be removed from the DC for any reason. Diners who violate these policies will be assessed a $50 fine per occurrence.  

Throwing Food
Throwing food, wadded paper or other objects is prohibited because it is unsafe, messy and disrespectful to those who work in dining services. The consequences for such actions are a minimum fine of $50 along with work hours and the possible loss of board-plan privileges.

Feedback Welcome!! Food Service Committee
We want your feedback. Please use the feedback cards in the dining commons, contact (or join!) the Student Food Team, or comment directly to Bon Appetit at Various annual satisfaction surveys are also conducted throughout the year.



Last updated 7/7/23