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If you are thinking about a career in business, you should seriously consider the benefits of an undergraduate Economics and Business degree from a liberal arts college instead of immediately heading to a business school, for three reasons:

1.  A significant number of CEOs have an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts before heading to law school or business school;

2.  A liberal arts degree helps you "connect the dots" between disciplines, something that an undergraduate degree in, say, accounting or marketing does not provide; and

3.  Business schools are built around their graduate programs: the best teachers, the best researchers, the best facilities are geared toward their MBA students, not their undergraduates. Why not go to a Top Tier liberal arts school and then combine it with the best that the business or law schools have to offer?

Please put our thoughts to the test. There is a time to think broadly and a time to think specifically, and the best time to think broadly is as you first leave home to understand how the world works around you. We're here to help you along that journey. Just take a look at where our graduates go to school and where they work, and we think you'll agree that this path is arguable the best path as you launch your career.


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