Music Fall Choral Festival Application

Choral Festival Date: Friday, October 27, 2023
Early Application Deadline: Friday, August 18 (notified of acceptance by Aug. 25) 
Regular Application Deadline: Friday, September 15 (notified of acceptance by Sept. 22)
There will be a nonrefundable registration fee of $100 to help cover festival expenses.

School Info
Ensemble Info
Repertoire: You may submit this application with tentative repertoire listed now and confirm your repertoire with Keith Erickson at by October 1. (Please list Title and Composer. Three selections are suggested for a program that contains no more than 10 - 12 minutes of music). The three selections will be heard on the afternoon clinics and one selection will be included on the evening or afternoon concert. The one concert selection will be chosen by the Festival Organizers to provide a balanced and interesting program. Please be prepared to perform anything you list and do not change the selection chosen for the printed program. Choirs that are unable to perform the piece selected by the Festival Organizers may be excused from performing on the final concerts. Last minute changes in concert repertoire for the final concerts are not allowed.
There is no application fee to apply, but if accepted into the festival you will be invoiced for $100 to help offset some of the costs.

Applications may be submitted via this webform or by mailing your application to Westmont Music Department, 955 La Paz Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Schools will be notified of their acceptance upon receipt of their applications. Participation is limited, so early application is encouraged to assure participation. Applications will receive preference in the order that they are received.

I have read the Festival Information Sheet and agree to honor my choir’s acceptance to the Festival.