Remove Barriers

Scholarships open doors for students of all backgrounds and enrich our community with diverse perspectives and voices. Gifts to the Westmont Fund go to work immediately to support the Westmont experience for the remarkable students who study with us.

Provide Opportunities

To prepare graduates for successful careers, Westmont needs to move quickly when extraordinary educational opportunities arise. Unrestricted gifts to the Westmont Fund provide flexible resources for the classroom and across campus.

Change Lives

Your support for the Westmont Fund makes a significant investment in the lives of our students that pays dividends for years as they graduate and go out into the world. Together, we’re educating the next generation to lead and serve in every sphere of society.

The President’s Associates recognizes Westmont Fund donors who put the college first in their annual philanthropy.

Our most faithful supporters- those who make annual contributions of $1,000 or more, become members of The President's Associates. These individuals lead the way in supporting Westmont by making significant, unrestricted current-use gifts each year — gifts that underpin the college’s ability to sustain excellence.

Our President’s Associates members generously contribute 92 percent of the Westmont Fund each year. Totaling, on average, over $2.4 million, this faithful giving makes a significant impact on the campus each day.

Today, over 90 percent of Westmont students rely on financial aid to make their education possible. We are deeply grateful to the President's Associates who offer their faithful prayers and financial support to help ensure Westmont remains affordable.

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With a gift today, you help equip thoughtful and innovative servant-leaders who will have a positive influence on society.

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