General Education Student Learning Outcomes

General Education Assessment Schedule

Common Contexts

  • Biblical and Theological Canons (concurrent with the Christian Understanding, Practices and Affections ILO)
    SLO: Students will demonstrate literacy in Christian scripture and Christian doctrine.
  • Philosophical Reflections on Reality, Knowledge, and Value
    SLO: Students will be able to articulate major philosophical ideas and describe their bearing on the Christian liberal arts.
  • World History in Christian Perspective (concurrent with the Global Awareness ILO)
    SLO: Students will acquire literacy in the histories of diverse people across the globe and reflect on the importance of world history for the Christian.

  Common Inquiries 

  • Reading Imaginative Literature
    SLO: Students will:
    • analyze imaginative literature to indicate an understanding of language beyond its literal level.
    • articulate an empathetic response to the varieties of human experience represented in literature.
  • Exploring the Physical Sciences
    SLO: Students will generalize how the scientific method can be used to investigate the physical and living world.
  • Exploring the Life Sciences
    SLO: Students will generalize how the scientific method can be used to investigate the physical and living world.
  • Performing and Interpreting the Arts (Working Artistically)
    SLO: Students will respond to an artistic production, demonstrating critical understanding of form, content, and process.
  • Reasoning Abstractly
    SLO: Students will be able to recognize, construct, and evaluate instances of abstract reasoning.
  • Thinking Globally (concurrent with the Global Awareness ILO)
    SLO: Students will be able to describe and analyze the dynamics of a particular artistic, economic, political, or social connection across cultural or regional boundaries.
  • Thinking Historically
    SLO: Students will be able to analyze historical sources with appropriate attention to their various contexts.
  • Understanding Society
    SLO: Students will apply appropriate foundational theories to analyze social, political, economic, and/or cultural phenomena.

Common Skills and Emphases 

  • Writing/Speech-Intensive Courses (concurrent with the Written Communication ILO)
    SLO: Students will communicate in written form for a variety of purposes and audiences across the curriculum. 
  • Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning (concurrent with the Quantitative Reasoning ILO)
  • SLO: Students will apply relevant scientific, mathematical and logical methods to analyze and solve problems effectively and be able to utilize the results appropriately when making decisions.
  • Justice, Reconciliation, and Diversity on Biblical and Theological Grounds(concurrent with the Diversity ILO)
    SLO: Students will analyze issues of justice and injustice involving race and racism in the United States in biblically and theologically grounded ways
  • Students will identify Christian responsibilities to pursue justice and reconciliation in diverse relationships, practices, and structures according to the character of God's loving reign expressed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  
  • Modern Languages
    SLO: Students will be able to successfully manage a number of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations in a foreign language.

  • Physical Education
    SLO: Students will write and successfully implement an appropriate fitness program based on the training principles of frequency, intensity, and duration.