Dominique Loftus

Admissions Counselor

Office Location

Office of Admissions, Kerrwood Hall


Hometown: Irvine, CA 

College Attended: Westmont College (B.A. Communications), Lipscomb University (M.A. Creative Arts) 

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Favorite Aspect of Westmont: My favorite aspect of Westmont has to be the atmosphere of rigorous, faith-based academics, cultivated by professors and students alike. Growing up I was always a good student, I knew what I needed to memorize and repeat to get the grades I wanted. Coming to Westmont was incredibly challenging, but life changing because every part of it’s academics fought against what had been ingrained in me growing up in large public schools. Professors knew me and constantly challenged me to think about, write about and study the world around me and form my own opinions. They read every word of every paper I wrote and were not shy on giving me detailed feedback. I grew to love learning for the sake of learning, not because it was an item on the checklist of my educational experience to get a degree. I’m a life long learner, reader and all around more engaged human in my life and faith because of my academic experience at Westmont. 

Favorite Westmont Memory: My favorite Westmont memory was my semester abroad in Europe. We spent four months traveling to 7 different countries. We would study the philosophers, artwork and culture of the city we were in and then go out and explore it, it was truly incredible. This was more of a fun than academic experience on the trip, but we took a day trip out to Sounion, Greece and spent the whole day swimming in the Aegean sea. We snorkeled with jelly fish, jumped from cliffs and ended our day under the Temple of Poseidon watching the sunset. Our professors were so great at making sure we had the balance of the academic and life experience that traveling the world has to offer! 

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place on campus is the rock. It always provides a warm, sunny view of campus, the ocean and on a clear day the channel islands. It was always my favorite place to stop in between classes on a busy day and even now as an employee I love eating my lunch up there. You really do feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Why do you work at Westmont: I work at Westmont because I truly believe in what this school has to offer. I would not be the woman I am today without Westmont in my life. Westmont has brought me the most beautiful life long community of friends, coworkers and mentors. I arrived at Westmont with an eager spirt in my faith, but not much else to back it up. Westmont gave me the opportunity to dive deep into, challenge it and emerge with a solid foundation of my belief in Christ that I know will be the rock I stand on for the rest of my life. I know the transformation that has taken place in myself, my friends and people around me because of Westmont and I feel so purposeful in and proud of the work I can contribute to introducing Westmont to others. 

Hobbies: I love exploring just about any outdoor adventure Santa Barbara has to offer. On the weekends you can find me hiking, surfing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, playing volleyball at the beach or biking around my little beach town of Carpinteria! I also love hunting down new coffee shops with a good book in hand or eating East Beach Tacos (highly recommend).