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At Westmont in San Francisco, you’ll join a cohort of students living in a 4-story home in the beautiful Pacific Heights neighborhood. The program provides opportunities for vocational discernment and professional connections across a wide range of disciplines through an 8-unit internship. While taking classes that connect directly with lived experiences, students will also work for organizations serving diverse populations across a range of professions. Join the unique experience of living independently in an urban setting while also benefiting from the support of a uniquely tight-knit community.

The WSF program is oriented around grappling with big questions concerning identity, faith, and community engagement. The cohort gathers weekly to engage these questions and how they connect with our spiritual formation and Christian faith journeys. Alumni report that their transformational experiences have profoundly shaped their professional life and worldview.

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Westmont in San Francisco

About the Program

Discover required and elective courses, eligibility, program costs and criteria

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Student Internships

The Westmont in San Francisco Internship engages students in a highly structured internship focused on vocational and professional growth.

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What to Expect

Here you'll find what its actually like to live in Pacific Heights. You'll learn about the community, culture, opportunities, food, and more.

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Read about the uniquely transformative experiences from WSF Alums and current students reflecting over 50 years of the program's influence

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Why San Francisco?

A semester in San Francisco teaches students professional development, academic exploration, cultural diversity immersion, and personal growth through navigating urban life.

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