Student Parking Special Concerns

First-Year Students

Westmont operates under a Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) with the county of Santa Barbara. The C.U.P. prohibits us from issuing any type of permit to first-year students, except for disability or off-campus commuting that has been approved by the Housing Office. Note: students cannot approve themselves to live off-campus.

What about first-years who need transportation for medical reasons, or to commute daily from home?
The C.U.P. states that a first-year student is only eligible for a parking permit if he or she is disabled, or he/she has been approved to reside off-campus by Housing and is commuting from home. The Housing & Parking Office is not qualified to make medical evaluations, so disability must be determined and verified by the campus doctor at the Campus Health Center or the Office of Disability Services. Students with transportation needs may contact the Campus Health Center (x6164 during the academic year) to inquire about eligibility for a medical permit, or other transportation options which may be available through the Campus Health Center. It is extraordinarily rare for first-years to be allowed to reside as off-campus commuters, but if this is approved by the Housing & Parking Office such a first-year would be eligible to obtain a permit from the Housing & Parking Office.

May a friend or relative bring a car to campus for a first-year student?
If the vehicle will be operated by a first-year student on the campus or in the Montecito area, it would be a violation by that first-year student.

May an upper-class student obtain a permit for a first-year student?
No. This would be a direct violation of our C.U.P. with the county of Santa Barbara.

Parking in the Vicinity

Our Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) with the county of Santa Barbara prohibits students from having their vehicles parked in the "vicinity" of the college, while they are physically on the campus--unless the vehicle is parked at the student's own residence. The vicinity includes public roads in Montecito, the Montecito Covenant Church and Cold Spring School parking lots. It also includes the business areas on Coast Village Road, and nearby streets (See Vehicle Regulations).

Speed Limits

Cold Spring Road
The speed limit on Cold Spring Road is 35 miles per hour (or 25 mph when children are present). This is enforced for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists. Westmont expects students to observe the speed limit, and to ensure that whoever operates their vehicle will do likewise. Radar is used to determine speed. If your vehicle is caught exceeding the limit, you will receive a $50 fine. A second excessive speed citation may result in the suspension of current and/or future parking permit privileges, in addition to another $50 fine.

Campus roads
The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times. (see Vehicle Regulations).