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W a r r i o r s

Meet Zelmya Taylor. This incoming student from Pasadena, California, realized she wanted to attend Westmont when she visited campus. “I went to the STEM weekend, stayed in the dorms, and met professors and other students and staff. Everyone was so welcoming and personable, and I decided that Westmont would be one of my top choices.”

One experience wasn’t enough. “I came for Admitted Student Days to experience an actual class session and see what campus life was like during the school year. I attended a chapel service, sat in on a chemistry class, and even took the shuttle into Santa Barbara to hang out at the beach with the student hosting me. After these visits, I could really see myself at Westmont, and I knew I wanted to attend.”

Zelmya can’t wait to start college at Westmont in the fall. “I’m so excited to begin the next chapter of my life and to meet new people, experience being away from home in the dorms, and live with other college students who share my love for the Lord. I’m excited to learn more about myself as I earn my biology degree and continue my passion for helping the community by volunteering with the many organizations on campus.”

Still deciding on a college? Zelmya has some advice, “I realized that the schools I was considering, although fine, did not give me the feeling of “home” that Westmont did. Also, ask the Lord to close doors that should be closed and continue to open doors to opportunities meant for you. This is what I did and why I’m so excited to begin at Westmont in the fall. I hope to see you all there as well!”

CONFIRM TODAY and join Zelmya and the other incoming Warriors next fall!

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Chloe Howard Chandler Kilpatrick

Chloe Howard Zelmya Taylor

Chloe Howard Chloe Howard

Miguel Moreno Miguel Moreno

Holley Fellows Holley Fellows

Riley Johnson Riley Johnson

Ellie Ford Ellie Ford

Westmont Providence Students

New Warriors from Providence High School

Westmont Providence Students

Brooke Dingman, an Oaks Christian student, decorates her car for their annual May 1st Tailgate Celebration

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We are high performing, but don’t chase perfection.
We behave with integrity and an open mind.
We enjoy the rewards that come from taking on challenges.
We value unique perspectives, backgrounds, talent, and knowledge.
We believe in a well-informed and well-tested Christian faith.
We feel unafraid to ask and answer questions that are difficult or uncomfortable.
We seek vocation, significance, community, and justice.
We strive to model a life of service, leadership, and impact.

W  E    A  R  E

W a r r i o r s

Morgan Vigil Bethany Le '19
Music speaks to her soul

Ana Bulger Ana Bulger '19
Chemistry is cool

Zach Walker Zach Walker '19
Surfing, education and passion collide

Andy Hernandez Andy Hernandez '20
Pursuing her passion

Leandra Marshall Leandra Marshall '17
Finding her place

Josh Edmonson Josh Edmonson '17
Seeing God in research

Rebekah Wong
Rebekah Wong '18
Inspired by community

Abby Gritter Abby Gritter '17
Pursuing social entrepreneurship

Lalia Mangione Lalia Mangione '17
Prepared to serve in many different spheres

Matt Matlock
Matt Matlock '17
The team is like a family

Becky Collier Becky Collier '17
NAIA champion heptathlete

John Wong John Wong '18
Making people feel welcome