Alumni Life Long Learning Opportunities

Consistent with the mission and core values of Westmont the Alumni office is dedicated to continuing to cultivate our alumni as Thoughtful scholars through life-long learning opportunities. We aim to do this through lectures, workshops, and webinars. In addition, we will strive to provide alumni book clubs for our alumni to connect, learn, and flourish together. Lastly, we hope to provide travel opportunities for our alumni to explore, experience, and grow.

If any alumni would be interested in auditing classes: the fee to audit a course for a non-matriculated student is $50 per unit. 

Audit Registration: An audit registration is a non-credit registration for the student who wishes to attend the lectures in a course or take advantage of learning experiences in musical ensembles or private lessons without examinations, homework, papers, record of practice hours, or evaluation. Required course fees will be charged for all audits. 

The instructor's signature must be obtained on an add/drop form for audit registration. This typically does not occur prior to the first day of the semester so that the instructor can determine whether or not there is space in the class.

A course may not be changed from credit to audit after the last day to drop classes.

An audit may be dropped at any time until the last day of classes without penalty or record by submitting an add/drop form to the Student Records Office.

A grade of "AU" will appear on the student's transcript only if the instructor indicates that the student adequately participated as an auditor. A student who does not complete the audit and has not dropped it prior to the last day of classes will receive a "WX" grade for an unofficial withdrawal. A student who wishes to remove the course from the transcript must submit a request to the Registrar. A $40 late processing fee will be charged to the student’s account.