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Laura Phillips
  • Deeper Thinking, Wider Impact at the CATLab

    The CATLab seeks not only to solve Westmont’s most pressing problems, but to solve them in a way that distinctly embodies Westmont’s values. As a program, the CATLab is a microcosm of the Westmont community, built on the same foundation—Christian, liberal arts, undergraduate, residential, and global.

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  • In Tension with Intention: The Divide Between Humanity and Technology

    The mission of the Center for Applied Technology is to transform the way technology shapes the Westmont experience. We seek to accomplish this goal not only by building software for the school, but also by being conscious of how we use technology—and social media in particular—both professionally and personally.
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  • 5 Ways to Make Training Engaging

    Training forms a crucial part of every job, especially here at the CATLab. With students cycling in and out every few months, it’s important for training to be effective and efficient. The better the training, the better the project as a whole. Here are a few ideas for making training more engaging.
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  • How to Hire the Right Students

    One of the foundational features of the CATLab is its focus on employing students.

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  • Interview with Pioneering Programmers

    Kaylee, Dante, and Kimberlee were some of the first students to work in Salesforce development for Westmont. Their work over the past months—and especially last summer—laid the groundwork for the CATLab today.
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  • CATLab: Hello, World!

    At about half past seven, we began to trickle in from our various corners of Santa Barbara, arriving by car, by bus, by bike—even by scooter—and converged at 26 W Anapamu Street. Though the cool, clouded morning seemed like little more than the uncertain start of summer (finals had finished only a handful of days ago), May 6th marked the first day of the 2019 Westmont College CATLab

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