Program Review Education

Mission Statement

Building on teacher-candidates’ liberal arts education, our program is designed to develop exemplary instructional skills, habits of reflection, and moral and cultural sensitivities that promote lifelong learning of diverse students.

Program Learning Outcomes

The links below lead to information about the department's most recent assessment of student learning relative to our program learning outcomes.

The overarching goal for the Education Department is to ensure that candidates demonstrate mastery of the CTC’s Teacher Performance Expectations or TPEs. TPEs were updated by the state in 2016 and continue to serve as the department’s Program Learning Outcomes. For each education course, department faculty list and link TPEs to assignments at the end of each syllabus. TPEs are demonstrated across the arc of the liberal studies major and program through signature assignments. Heavy and strategic emphasis of the TPEs occurs during the credential year.   

The Education Department is committed to developing future teachers:

  • as whole persons, multi-dimensional human beings
  • with critical and appreciative lenses on the world
  • who see situations from multiple perspectives   
  • with strong oral and written communication skills

Core beliefs pertinent to the preparation of teachers:

  • teaching is an extraordinarily complex and demanding profession
  • teaching is a collaborative and communal enterprise 
  • teaching is a deeply personal and human undertaking 
  • teaching is inherently a moral enterprise
  • teaching is learned in large part by doing—along with appropriate reflection
  • content and pedagogical content knowledge are critical to success
  • preparation for teaching must be aligned as much as possible with the real world
  • effective classroom management is a major component in effective teaching
  • we want our candidates to value and respond positively to diversity and exceptionality 
  • we encourage candidates to have a teachable spirit to learn practitioner wisdom
  • we value an openness to diverse professional orientations and emphases 
  • regular and responsible use of assessment should inform instruction
  • personal coaching and mentoring empowers our candidates to improve

Program Review Resources

Curriculum Map
A curriculum map is a visual representation of the structure of program curriculum. The map charts program courses, syllabi, and assessments as they relate to the intended program learning outcomes. In other words, a curriculum map is the intellectual linkage that presents twenty plus courses as a story of learning.

Multi-year Assessment Plan

Liberal Studies Handbook

Teacher Credential Handbook

Annual and Six-Year Reports

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