Program Review Art

Mission Statement

The Westmont Art Department educates students and our larger community about the power and value of the visual arts in our world through physical, critical, and spiritual engagement with the creative process and its results.  Students majoring in art will develop a personal vision for their vocation as Christians and as Artists and Art Historians who will be life-long participants in the art world.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates will conceive, create and present technically and conceptually sophisticated work.
  2. Graduates will be able to contextualize their practice.
  3. Graduates will develop a personal, working theory of art with respect to Christian values and commitments.
  4. Graduates will develop a personalized career plan, identifying career/employment or graduate study opportunities that will continue to develop their gifts and talents beyond Westmont.

Program Review Resources

Curriculum Map
A curriculum map is a visual representation of the structure of program curriculum. The map charts program courses, syllabi, and assessments as they relate to the intended program learning outcomes. In other words, a curriculum map is the intellectual linkage that presents twenty plus courses as a story of learning.

Multi-year Assessment Plan
A multi-year assessment plan shows what program learning outcomes will be assessed in what years.

Annual and Six-Year Reports
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