Intercultural and Global Engagement Admissions and Scholarships

It is my joy to welcome you to Westmont College.

I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page to seek more information on diversity at Westmont and how to best find what you need as a prospective student.

Every Westmont student’s story is of great worth and value in our community. Each one adds to the collective voices and perspectives that shape our close-knit, multicultural community. Together, WE are Westmont, and therefore we all belong here.

As you engage with us through the admissions journey, we want you to ask us your questions, to envision yourself here and to discover the information that matters most to you. If you would like to talk specifically about diversity, a first generation student experience, multicultural programs or more, please reach out to me at Many years ago, in my college search, I too was a student facing all these questions and interests. As a young girl from a traditional Puerto Rican family, I can still remember what I faced going through college as a first generation student. And now, I greatly enjoy encouraging students to pursue the dreams they have for their future.

Everyone’s needs are different, and the college experience can be overwhelming, so if you need a good one-on-one conversation about diversity, let’s connect. We may have a lot in common, but we may also have many differences. That’s the beauty of getting to know each other. If you’d like to, let’s connect and exchange stories.

I’m so happy you’ve taken a deeper look here at Westmont.

-IRENE NELLer, VP of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications


Meet the class of 2025

First-Generation Students

All incoming first-generation students are invited to participate in a pre-orientation program designed to celebrate the significance of embarking on their college journey. Students and their family members or guests will have an opportunity to connect with one another and with first generation faculty and staff members. There will be opportunities to have questions answered, to begin building a sense of community, and to learn about all the resources available that support students’ success. This event is free for first generation students and up to three family members or guests. Additional guests are welcome to register for a small fee.

Click here to register for First Connections!First-Gen Student Resources

Multicultural Scholarship

To create an academic community rich in cultural diversity, Westmont offers a Cultural Diversity Award of up to $8,000. Incoming students who desire to incorporate their intercultural experiences into the Westmont learning environment should apply for this competitive, need-based scholarship.

You can find the application here. Incoming students for spring 2024 should apply by December 1, 2023. Students applying for fall 2024 should apply by February 1, 2024.

Urban Leadership Scholars Program

The Urban Leadership Scholarship programs provides students from urban areas with access to an excellent Christian liberal arts education at Westmont, then launches these graduates back into their home communities, equipped to lead and make a difference in a metropolitan area. While enrolled, Urban Leadership Scholars (ULS) participate in programs and networking opportunities to enhance their educational experience and shape their character and development. Learn more here.

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