Endowments Endowed Scholarships

Your gift of an endowed scholarship will have an impact on students today, and generations to come.

Student Scholarships help Westmont attract and recognize the best students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Your assistance allows students to concentrate on their coursework while also participating more fully in extracurricular programs that enhance their personal development.

Endowed scholarships help many students achieve their dream of a Westmont education.

A portion of the investment earnings from an endowed scholarship fund is allocated in the form of student scholarships and allows for the fund to maintain in perpetuity. 

Please note: Students and parents who wish to find out more about receiving scholarship aid at Westmont are invited to apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid.

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Ashor Scholarship Endowment

Cain and True Scholarship Endowment

Judy Lynn Gaede Scholarship Endowment

Goble Fellowship Scholarship Program

Helen Hieronymus Scholarship

Vincent and Frances LaBarbera Scholarship

Melin Family Scholarship

Paul Raymond Miller Scholarship Fund

Geraldene Morey Scholarship Endowment

Shirley A. Mullen Scholarship Endowment

Robert S. and Dana B. Nicholson Scholarship Endowment

Bretten Drake Pickering Scholarship Endowment

Sheila Richards Scholarship Endowment

Schuele Family Scholarship

Harold and Annette Simmons Scholarship Endowment

Dwight Hervey Small Scholarship Endowment

Gayle and Ruth Tucker Scholarship Endowment

Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Scholarship

Robert N. Wennberg Philosophy Scholarship Endowment

Wertin Endowed Scholarship

The Dan Arens Endowed Scholarship for Athletic and Academic Excellence

David and Barbara Biehl Heritage Club Scholarship Endowment

Burns Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund

The Russ and Sue Carr Family Endowed Scholarship

The Gebert Christian Athlete Scholarship

The Hussa Family Scholarship Endowment for Men’s Basketball

Chet Kammerer Men's Basketball Scholarship Endowment

Lundberg Women's Soccer Scholarship Endowment

Lundberg Men's Soccer Endowed Scholarship

Noel Matthews Memorial Scholarship

Gladys L. Quackenbush Scholarship

Robert and Mary Quackenbush Scholarship

Alyssa Smelley Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Carleton Smelley Scholarship Endowment

R. Smelley Scholarship Endowment for Excellence in Intercollegiate Athletics

Thorrington Men's Soccer Scholarship Endowment

Track & Field and Cross Country Scholarship Fund

Warrior Sports Endowed Scholarship Fund

Wolf Family Soccer Scholarship Endowment

Denise Adams Art Scholarship

The Richard Reed Armstrong Scholarship in Art

Judith Foster Johnson Scholarship Endowment

John R. and Wandalee A. Fullerton Scholarship Endowment

Kay Kennedy Jennison Memorial Scholarship

Dr. John Lundberg Music Scholarship Endowment

The Phyllis Martin Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

McIntyre Family Art Scholarship Endowment

Wes Nishimura Memorial Art Scholarship

Ridley-Tree Endowed Scholarship

Susan D. Savage and Dennis M. Savage Art Scholarship Endowment

Dorothy Westra Scholarship

Richard A. Archer Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Nick Davis Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Silvio DiLoreto Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Khoren A. Gagosian Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Bev Goehner Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Ruth Kerr Memorial Student Aid Fund

Verna and Reuben Krogh Scholarship Endowment

Robert W. Kummer Jr. Scholarship Fund

Brian Lightner Memorial Scholarship

Kenon Ramsey Neal Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Dr. John Padilla Memorial Scholarship Endowment

John Stauffer Memorial Scholarship for Academic Merit

William Jae Wiersma Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Aernethy Endowed Scholarship Bruce and Janet Adams Scholarship Endowment

Academic Perseverance Scholarship Endowment

Bruce and Janet Adams Scholarship Endowment

Donald M. Anderson Scholarship

Anodos Scholarship Endowment

Alvin Owen Austin and Samantha Bates Austin Scholarship Endowment

W.F. and Marie A. Batton Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Kathryne Beynon Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bouslough Scholarship Endowment

Bert and Mona Brown Scholarship Endowment

Carl Byers Family Scholarship

Keith & Debra Cantrell Scholarship Endowment

Westmont Carpinteria Scholarship Fund

Gordon M. and June M. Caswell Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joe and Alice Cox Scholarship

Paula Fenner Scholarship

William and Marcia Fochler Endowed Scholarship

Goble Family Scholarship Endowment

David and Anna Grotenhuis Scholarship

The William and Dorothy Hahner Scholarship Fund

The Hawaii Westmont 'Ohana Scholarship Endowment

Gary F. and Frank L. Hieronymus Scholarship

Judkins-Mooty Family Scholarship Endowment

Hattie Kauffman Grant Scholarship Endowment

Downing Street Foundation Women's Scholarship

Donna Dillon Manning and Larry Horner Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment

David and Jane Maynard Scholarship

George H. Mayr Endowed Scholarship

Mays Family Scholarship Endowment

The Mestad Family Scholarship Endowment

John and Grace Naftel Endowed Scholarship Fund

Orfalea Family Scholarship

Valerie Lynn Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Roger R. Post Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Edwin J. Potts Diversity Scholarship

Perry and Margaret Shirley Endowed Scholarship Fund

David W. Spainhour Scholarship Endowment

David Stadsklev Scholarship Endowment

William Visick Scholarship Fund

Myatt and Mary Genevieve Volentine Endowed Scholarship

Roger J. Voskuyl Family Global Leadership Scholarship Endowment

Kim Wainwright Scholarship Fund

Whiston Endowment for Cancer Studies

George Bate Science Scholarship Endowment

Cliff Benton Freshman Chemistry Endowment

Theodore and Grace Cannon Physics Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Stewart Ensign Biology Scholarship Endowment

Franklin Science and Mathematics Scholarship Endowment

Kim Kihlstrom Computer Science Scholarship Endowment

Ruth McKee Scholarship Fund

Reese Marie McRaven Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Verna and Reuben Krogh Scholarship Endowment

Verna Krogh

Born in San Mateo, California, Verna Krogh attended Westmont and graduated in 1948. After graduating with a teaching degree in Christian Education and Music, she returned home and spent almost 40 years teaching elementary school.

Verna faithfully supported Westmont for years as a member of The President's Associates and the Wallace Emerson Society. Since she and her husband Reuben had no children of their own, they planned to create an endowed scholarship for Westmont from their estate. With Reuben's untimely death in 2004, Verna decided to go ahead and establish the scholarship for students with financial need. Her greatest desire was to encourage young people to receive the same high-quality Christian liberal arts education at Westmont as she had the privilege to receive.

Verna's time at Westmont, the education, friendships and faith that she acquired at the college, continued to shape her in significant ways for the rest of her life. Her devotion to children was exhaustive, extending to her step-children, hundreds of students, nieces and nephews, neighbors and many others who were fortunate to meet her. Verna was also a loyal and caring friend. Her laugh, self-deprecating sense of humor, ability to listen and devotion meant she kept bonds initiated at Westmont for the many years that followed. She also befriended newer generations in her neighborhood and church in rich and meaningful ways until the very end. She continuously sought ways to grow her faith and understanding of God's love. The fruits of the spirit were abundantly visible in the way she lived out her life for all those who were fortunate to know her.