Beth Horvath, M.S.

Associate Professor of Biology
(805) 565-6229

Office Location

Whittier Science 129

Office Available

Fall 2023

Monday & Wednesday 9-10 AM; Wednesday 2-4 PM, Thursday by appointment.


Invertebrate Zoology; Gorgonian Corals; Marine Biology; Marine, Natural History: California, Galapagos Islands, East Africa, New Zealand; Animal Diversity; Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest to California

Research Interests

Confirmation and identification of gorgonian species present in the California Bight

Research Website


Professor Horvath graduated from Westmont and earned a master’s degree in biology with an emphasis in marine sciences at CSU Long Beach. She joined the Westmont faculty in 1978 part time and became full time in 1990. As a field biologist, she gives students field experiences along the coast. She works as a research associate in the Invertebrate Labs at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History; she served as an intern there as a Westmont student. She studies gorgonian corals and has described new species off the coasts of California, Washington and the Aleutian Islands. She consults with 15 governmental and non-governmental agencies in identifying these corals.