Edd Noell, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics and Business
(805) 565-6782

Office Location

Deane Hall 111

Office Available

By appointment.


History of Economic Thought; Financial Markets; Christianity and Economics

Research Interests
  • Economic history and morality of economic growth
  • Evolution of economic thought in the Scholastics
  • Protestant Reformers, and Adam Smith
  • Economics of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Joining the Westmont faculty in 1986. Dr. Noell received the Faculty Researcher of the Year award in 2015 and Teacher of the Year Award in 1998. He has authored Economic Growth: Unleashing the Potential of Human Flourishing (with Stephen Smith and Bruce Webb; AEI, 2013); and Reckoning with Markets: Moral Reflection in Economics (with James Halteman, Oxford, 2012).  Dr. Noell has co-directed the Westmont Europe Semester and international economics and business programs in Asia and Europe. He serves as president of the Association of Christian Economists. He earned a doctorate in economics at Louisiana State University, an M.B.A. at the University of Texas (Austin) and a bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University.