Jeff Schloss, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Biology
(805) 565-6118

Office Location

Whittier Science 128

Office Available

Fall 2020

Office Hours by appointment.


Physiological ecology of water relations; Evolution of altruism and moral systems; Theological implications of Darwinism.

Research Interests

Evolutionary accounts of human altruism, morality, and religious cognition; theological and philosophical implications of evolutionary theory.


T.B. Walker Professor of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Director, Center for Faith, Ethics and Life Sciences

Dr. Schloss graduated from Wheaton College and earned his doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology at Washington University. He joined the Westmont faculty in 1981. He enjoys taking students into the field (Yosemite alpine meadows, Michigan north woods, Costa Rican rainforests, and New Zealand barrier islands) and joining them in research outside of class. His scholarship focuses on the fascinating relationships between biology and Christian faith. He holds visiting faculty appointments in several programs in the United States and abroad, serves on numerous international editorial and advisory boards related to science and religion, and writes and speaks widely on biology and faith.