Leonor Elías, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish
(805) 565-7085

Office Location

Reynolds Hall 206

Office Available

Monday and Wednesday 2-3 pm and by appointment




Research Interests

Research Interests: Spanish Golden Age Theater (‘comedia nueva’) and 20th century Peninsular Literature and Film.


Dr. Elías graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont with a double major in English literature and German literature and earned a master’s degree in Hispanic literature at Middlebury College, Madrid. She completed a doctorate at the University of Texas with concentrations in Golden Age literature, Spanish theater throughout the ages and colonial literature. She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, with parents from two different cultures, languages and religious traditions. She has lived and studied in England, the former Soviet Union, Spain and Italy. She joined the Westmont faculty in 1999.  She speaks Spanish, English, and German with native proficiency and has advanced reading, writing, and speaking skills in Italian.