Theresa (Russ) Covich, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor of English

Office Location

Voskuyl Library 306

Office Available

Thursdays (Library Research Help Desk) 1-3 pm & by appointment


Early modern British literature and culture, especially poetry of the long eighteenth century; literature and the environment; and poetics of sustainability

Research Interests

English georgic verse (poetry which celebrates life and work in the countryside following a model from the Roman poet, Virgil)


Theresa (Russ) Covich has 6+ years' experience teaching college and university courses. In her composition classroom, she encourages students to cultivate their own research interests, to read for contexts and conversations as well as analytically. Over the semester, her students' intensive and extensive reading helps them to recognize rhetorical conventions of academic writing, while she coaches them through the writing process--research, drafting, and revising.In her literature classes, students rediscover the value of reading verse aloud so that they listen more attentively as well as annotating visually.