Trent Keeler

Admissions Counselor
(805) 335-2285


Hometown: Redding, CA

College Attended: Westmont College, '21

Degree: B.S. in Biochemistry and Biology


Favorite Aspect of Westmont: The staff and faculty. Faculty genuinely want to help students achieve at their highest level and are truly invested in their students’ educational, spiritual, and vocational development. Faculty grows authentic relationships with the students and loves them well. Professors frequently invited me into their homes, held me accountable for being a proficient student, and did anything they could to help me get into graduate school. Additionally, the staff embodies what it means to serve others. From President Beebe, who opened his home to me in the summer of 2019 when I faced a tough situation, to Campus Pastor Scott Lisea, who invited my friends and me over for a men’s bible study. From Rod, my favorite custodian who always had a moment to discuss MMA and boxing, to Westmont’s mechanic, Vitaly, who fixed my ‘91 Honda Accord when it broke down on campus. There is no denying Westmont’s high caliber of staff and faculty.

Favorite Westmont memory: Performing in Men in Short Shorts at Westmont’s Spring Sing - and I mean performing. In 2019, I had the privilege of joining Westmont’s finest men on the infamous Santa Barbara Bowl stage sporting jean shorts and a polo shirt several sizes too small. We all tried our best to be funny but in true Ken Khilstrom fashion, we were all outstaged by our physics professor, Dr. Kihlstrom, who somehow agreed to be in our skit. 

Favorite Place on Campus: Global Leadership Center, North 1st floor - my on-campus dorm senior year. Senior year, my closest friends and I organized ourselves into the same floor of the GLC with my best friend/freshman year roommate as our Resident Assistant. That year, our doors were consistently open, there was never a dull moment in the kitchen, and I was loved so well by my friends. We surfed together, played Super Smash Bros and Halo, studied, and attended online classes together. It was the best community I have ever gotten to experience and meant a lot to me as someone who enjoys doing life with others around. Honorable mention: President Beebe’s hot tub. 

Why do you work at Westmont? Choosing to attend Westmont was the best decision I have made and I owe so much of my success to Westmont. Throughout my four years, I was poured into by staff and faculty and was introduced to communities in Santa Barbara that grew and supported me more than I ever anticipated. I can truly say that my education from Westmont not only set me up for success vocationally, but also deepened my appreciation for the way Christ loves us, helped me define my theological stance, and matured me into a God-fearing man. I chose to work at Westmont because I genuinely believe it does education the best way and I am proud to be inviting students to partake in this community. 

Hobbies: It feels like I have more hobbies than I can keep up with, partially due to the incredible Santa Barbara landscape and location. I started surfing when I moved here, I compete in Spikeball and pickleball tournaments, and I spend some nights beating my friends in various board games. I also enjoy skateboarding along the beach, driving up the mountains for a great view, playing golf, and road-tripping around California’s many national and state parks.