Degrees and Programs Philosophy

If you love arguments and big ideas, philosophy is for you.

You will rigorously explore our deepest beliefs and biggest questions—about reality, about human nature, about what we can be sure of, about how we should treat one another and why. At Westmont, philosophy is the practice of faith seeking understanding, emboldened by the promise to the prayerful that “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:7). Belong to a community that fosters both steadfast Christian commitment and no-holds-barred grappling with the questions and puzzles that thoughtful people of all stripes and every era have asked.

Sample Schedule

  • PHI 6 or PHI 6H: Philosophical Perspectives (4)
  • PHI 12: Critical Reasoning and Logic (4)
  • PHI 103: Ancient Philosophy (4) or PHI 105: Medieval Philosophy (4)
  • PHI 108: Formal Logic (4)
  • PHI 106: Modern Philosophy (4) or PHI 107: 19th & 20th Century Philosophy (4)
  • PHI 104: Ethics (4) or Upper Division Philosophy Elective (4)
  • PHI 170: Epistemology (4) or Upper Division Philosophy Elective (4)
  • PHI 175: Metaphysics (4) or Upper Division Philosophy Elective (4)
  • PHI 195: Senior Seminar (4)

Career Paths

  • Business (management, marketing, human resources, etc.)
  • Law
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Tech (software engineers, data analysts, etc.)
  • Christian Ministry (pastors, missionaries, etc.)
  • Peace Corps (a number of our students have done this over the years.)
  • Editorial work
  • Social work

See career paths for graduates who majored or minored in philosophy at Westmont.

Philosophy Alumni

Amy Seymour ’07 is an assistant professor of philosophy at Fordham University. She specializes in metaphysics. Amy earned her master’s degree in philosophy at Northern Illinois University, where she also received the Best Philosophy Graduate Student of the Year award in her second and last year. She then went on to the University of Notre Dame where she received her doctorate in philosophy. 

Stephen Bilynskyj ’77 received his master’s degree and doctorate in philosophy from Notre Dame and a Master of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary. He is the pastor of Valley Covenant Church in Eugene, Oregon. He says he has quoted philosophers in his sermons on numerous occasions.

Cristiana Caporale ’10 is a product manager for a tech firm in Seattle. She says, “It’s constructive; we’re building software products. It’s my role to collaboratively pursue answers to: what we build, why we should build it, how to build it and were we successful? I genuinely love what I do.” Her advice for graduating students is to note that you are leaving a system of accountability for your discipline. You could compensate by working out a routine to maintain habits (reading, writing, thinking) and don’t let your momentum slip.