Office of the President Westmont Institute

"Appreciating how our actions impact culture: nurturing a culture of integrity, care and respect" 

Reason for Establishing the Institute

Westmont's ability to carry out its mission is critically dependent on hiring, developing and retaining staff who are committed to Jesus Christ, skilled in their work, and both willing and able to work collaboratively with others to "strengthen and sustain Westmont as a Christ-centered community of lifelong learners" (cross-cutting priority in the strategic map for 2011-2014). The Westmont Institute has been established to deepen employee awareness of the college's past, present and future; to learn from one another about "serving as unto the Lord"; and to engage staff in discussions of how we can collectively nurture a culture of integrity, care and respect.

Aims of the Westmont Institute 

  1. Deepen staff understanding of Westmont's history and mission.
  2. Facilitate staff reflection about their work at Westmont.
  3. Generate discussions about ways that collectively we can increasingly:
      1. Be good stewards of the college's legacy, which has been entrusted to us.
      2. Contribute to a learning environment that is most conducive to carrying out the college mission.
      3. Nurture a culture of integrity, care and respect.
      4. "Strengthen and sustain Westmont as a Christ-centered community of lifelong learners."
  4. Provide opportunity for staff to raise questions, concerns and suggestions.

How the Institute Curriculum is Designed

The Institute is comprised of interactive sessions based on four categories of subjects:

I. Westmont Heritage

II. Foundational Statements

III. Westmont Today

IV. Building the College

Participants will be asked to complete several short assignments prior to each session, and invited to reflect weekly on how this curriculum impacts the way the person views his or her role in the workplace. Group discussions (occasionally in small groups) will be incorporated into Institute sessions.

Institute Syllabus