Computer Science

If you place a high value on rigorous academics, are looking to be challenged, and want to understand the common threads running through every discipline, then consider a major in computer science.  Computers have become ubiquitous and permeate every facet of our society.  More and more careers are integrally related to computer science such as bioinformatics, cognitive science, digital media arts, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, management information systems, human-computer interaction, and intellectual property law.  Essentially all fields and organizations welcome the talents of those properly trained in computer science.

Career Choices

Computer Science is a great field with many opportunities! Money magazine rated software architect as the best job in America based on job opportunities, satisfaction, and pay. Annual job openings in computer science are projected to far exceed the number of graduates for the foreseeable future. Opportunities for careers in computer science are both numerous and diverse, and a critical shortage of well-prepared professionals is predicted to exist for many years to come.

We're Hiring a New Faculty Member

If you or someone you know has the passion and qualifications to join our CS faculty, please visit or point her or him to our announcement.