Conference and Event Services Film and Photography Policy

Inquiry Form


As a private campus, Westmont reserves the right to approve any photography or filming that takes place on campus for commercial or public distribution, including posting on the Internet. Anyone seeking to photograph or film on campus for commercial use (including event photos, promotions, family photographs) or seeking to publicly distribute filming or photography of campus events must obtain written permission from the Conference and Event Services Office, complete the appropriate paperwork (email to, demonstrate required insurance coverage and pay related fees. 

Requests for wedding and/or engagement photos are not accepted. (Current Faculty/Staff may constitute an exception IF the wedding is contracted on campus.  See the college Intranet for more details.)

All filming and photography must 1) respect the privacy of campus residences; 2) avoid disruption of classes and other college functions; and 3) not film, photograph student, staff, staff or visitors without their knowledge and consent.

  1. FILMING INQUIRY FORM - First, thoroughly complete and submit this form.
  2. INITIAL SCOUT VISIT – Contact the Conference and Event Services Office. For any campus area, a Conference and Event Services staff member must accompany the scout.
  3. CONTENT - A complete, final shooting script and/or storyboard must be submitted for review at least two weeks in advance of requested first filming date. In general, Westmont College welcomes filming with uplifting content consistent with "G," "PG" or possibly a "PG-13" movie rating. Given these content boundaries, family-oriented projects make the best fit for Westmont College's filming location. When considering the filming project in its entirety, the following script themes will be denied filming on the College’s private property: excessive use of profanity or violence, drug usage, sexually explicit, nudity, derogatory toward higher education, racism/sexism.
  4. INSURANCE - Requirements must be met including Commercial General, Business Auto Liability, and Worker's Compensation/Employer's Liability. Specifics are available from the Conference and Events Services Office.
  5. LOCATION AGREEMENT - A contract provided by Westmont College must be signed by both parties and received a minimum two weeks prior to filming date. Restrictions and guidelines of the contract are specific to each individual filming and are strictly enforced.
  6. FEES, LISTS, CALL SHEETS, PERMITS - The following must be provided at least two weeks prior to first filming date: security deposit and location fee checks payable to Westmont College, vehicle and prop lists, copies of call sheets and, if applicable, any City of Santa Barbara or County of Santa Barbara permits.
  7. TECHNICAL SCOUT - For all but the smallest, simplest filming, a tech scout with a Westmont Conference and Event Services staff member is required. This needs to take place no less than five (5) business days prior to first day of prep or shoot to ensure that all approvals are secured and arrangements made to meet production's expectations. At this on-site meeting, the production company must disclose everything they want to bring on campus: set up, set dressing, special effects, number and length of trucks, large equipment, cranes, generators, and cabling plans in/out of any buildings.

Approval to film should not be assumed until all of the above has been reviewed, accepted, and the filming officially confirmed by the Conference and Event Services Office.

Arrival, campus parking, catering, prep, filming, strike or other activities are only allowed between 8 a.m. (no earlier) and 5 p.m. (no later) unless stipulated in contract. Production companies must work between these hard times, which are in conformance to the College’s Conditional Use Permit with residents on or adjacent to our campus. Fees will be imposed for overages.

Production truck engines are to be turned off as soon as possible and please keep all noise levels to a minimum.

Temporary construction and equipment set-up, trucks, generators and other filming equipment must not damage College property nor block campus driveways, intersections, fire lanes, exits, hallways, lobbies, entrances, walkways or any common areas on campus. All activities associated with the filming must be conducted safely and in accordance with OSHA and LAFD standards. As such, production company crew/staff/talent must utilize safety procedures that will ensure their safety as well as that of the College faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Vehicles are not allowed to park less than 15 feet from fire hydrants. If an exception to the red zone/no parking policy is secured in advance of filming date, vehicles in red zones must be marked off with cones, not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian safety and traffic flow and/or have an officer present. Stopping traffic and street or lane closures are not permitted on any campus street for filming at any time.
Pedestrian safety and access to campus areas must be maintained at all times. No obstructions or tripping hazards are allowed. If production cables lay across pedestrian walkways, exits, paths or sidewalks, the cables must be protected (e.g. rubber matting) to provide a minimum 3-4 foot walkway as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Craft service tables may not be set up in pedestrian right-of-way areas such as sidewalks.

Generators must be grounded to earth prior to hookup.

Use of lighting outside the filming location, bullhorns, siren, public address systems, blank gunfire, explosions or other noise-creating devices at any time is prohibited. Helicopter filming is banned in residential areas. Requests for campus helicopter landings or filming from the air are rarely granted.

No firearms or other weapons are allowed on campus.

Use of Westmont College’s names, likeness, marks, logos, trademarks, abbreviations or those of any of its operating units, affiliates or supporting organizations is not permitted. Exceptions will only be considered when a written detailed description of use is received at least 3-4 weeks in advance of filming date.
Unless expressly approved in advance by the Conference and Event Service Office, do not bring guests and animals to the location.