Emergency Information

We are thankful to not presently be facing an emergency situation. We will update this page as information develops that may be helpful to you.

Earthquake Suicide Threat

If you observe suspicious or threatening behaviors, call Public Safety at 805-565-6222.

Notification Methods

We may use any (but not necessarily all) of the following means of notifying affected and/or interested parties of a developing situation. (Click here to view Westmont's Timely Warning policy, in compliance with the federal Clery Act requirements.) If you receive an alert, tell others around you! System limitations may prevent the message from reaching all intended recipients.

Via Comment


(ie, this page; or alert.westmont.edu)

You may wish to bookmark this. It can also be reached via the link at the bottom of most Westmont website pages.
888-565-7911 Call this number for periodic updates.
Call affecting you Call about you

Your cell #

Your emergency contact #

In order to reach you or your Emergency Contact you must provide us with these numbers upon registration for each semester..
@westmont.edu addresses Current students and/or employees only
Text Message
Your cell # Text messages are notoriously unreliable in emergency situations, and must be regarded as a supplemental means of communicating.
twitter.com/WestmontNews We recommend you "follow" this account.
facebook.com/Westmont We recommend you "like" this account.
Notification Service

Text-to-Speech messages:


Text messages will come from various numbers.

Enter this number in your cellphone contact list as "Westmont Alert" so you'll recognize it when an urgent notification is issued.
ARC Safe & Well
www.safeandwell.org Westmont plans to post student status in batch mode if/as possible. However, students and employees are encouraged to post their status individually.
Messengers in campus buildings Sometimes low-tech is the ideal option.

Emergency Response - Immediate Actions

  • Go to the gym
    If it's safer to leave campus, we'll coordinate departure from there.
    If it's safer to shelter at the gym, that's what we'll do.
    Bring backpack and meds
  • Do not leave the campus solo
    Wait for official word about whether to stay or go.
    We may need to use the seats in your car.
  • If time is short you're safer here
    Gym has housed us safely before
    Leaving late can be dangerous

More on Wildfire response

  • Duck & Cover
    away from windows, falling objects, power lines, building perimeters
  • Hold on
  • Check in at dorm assembly area, then go to Thorrington Field
    and if safe to get them, bring your meds
  • Food, shelter, medical
    The very basics will be available ASAP
  • If trapped, BANG on something
    That sound travels better, and you won't get worn out shouting

More on Earthquake response


Options to Consider:

  • Evade?
    Escape away from sounds of gunshots.
    Stay low and away from windows; cautiously check before turning corners.
  • Barricade?
    Lock the door if possible; use heavy objects to barricade door and confuse intruder. Stay low.
    Gather near doorway but not in line of sight upon opening.
  • Overwhelm?
    Work together to surprise and “dog-pile” the shooter. Active responses have proven far more effective than passive.

Adapted from M Tau: "Targeted Violence..."; 10/30/13 presentation.


Watch video. (Password protected from off campus; click here to request access.)

  • If door is HOT, stay in room
    or exit through a window if possible
  • If door is COOL, open slightly
    to check for smoke
  • If you see SMOKE, stay in room
    and use towels, etc to cover openings
  • If no smoke, close door behind you and go to assembly area
  • Pull alarm en route


  • Call 9-1-1 if life-threatening
    or 805-565-6222 if not life-threatening
  • Then call RD/RA/Supervisor
  • Stay with victim
    Keep them as comfortable and stable as possible
  • Determine identity
    and be prepared to communicate key info to responders (ID, medical need, etc)
  • Never use candles
    Use flashlights instead
  • Unplug computer
    to prevent surge when power restored
  • Minimize movement in the dark
    Library, DC and Gym may have backup power in case it's safe to find your way there
  • Sustain communication
    They need to know you'll listen.
    Discuss specific intentions openly.
    Don't argue; and don't leave them.
  • Take threat seriously
    Don't assume they won't do it,
    but don't assume they can't be stopped.
  • Call Public Safety (805-565-6222)
    If they have a plan, the means, a lethal method, and a time in mind, they need intervention now.
  • Contact RD/RA/Supervisor

As recommended by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. For more info and help check the ULifeline link at Westmont's Counseling Center.

  • Practice good personal hygiene. This is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent illness.
  • Prepare a Cold & Flu Kit as described in the link below.
  • Get immunization shots when the vaccines become available
  • DO NOT go to class or to work if you get symptoms. Stay in your room (or if feasible go home) until 24 hours after your unmedicated fever is gone



Westmont is deeply concerned about any
incidents of sexual assault, and encourages
prompt reporting of any incidents to
appropriate college officials.
(phone numbers below):

  • Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center
    24 hour hotline for support
  • Campus Resources: Resident Director on call, Health Center, and Counseling center (see phone numbers below).


  • DO NOT wash or discard clothing which
    might contain helpful evidence.
  • DO HAVE a confidential physical
    examination (available at the Westmont
    Health Center).
  • MORE INFO is available in the Student
    Handbook which is also online under
    Current Students/Handbooks & Policies.
Emergency Phone Numbers




Westmont Health Center


Public Safety 805-565-6222   Westmont Counseling Center 805-565-6003
Rape Crisis Center Hotline 805-564-3696   Rape Crisis Center Front Desk 805-963-6832
Poison Hotline 800-222-1222      
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255      
Cottage Hospital ER 805-569-7210      
On Call RD (565-OCRD) 805-565-6273      
Dorm Assembly Areas


Deane Lawn
  Ocean View

Parking Lot

Front Lawn
  Page Parking Lot
Front Parking Lot
  Van Kampen Carroll Hall Parking Lot

Emergency Response Planning

Westmont's Situation Readiness & Response Team (SRT) meets regularly to plan and practice for a wide range of events. Both generic and specific incident plans, consistent with our statement of Crisis Essentials, are constantly being refined to enhance our ability to be nimble and caring when some misfortune occurs. For more information, please contact our Office of Institutional Resilience.

Grab & Go Tips

Go Kit

Prepare your own Go-Kit and keep it by your door. Include the following:










Prescription Medication









Eye Care









Cell phone & charger









Wallet w/ copies of ID and spare cash

If Time Allows











Change of clothes (including

socks & underwear)











Jacket (or other warm layer)









Laptop & charger









Toothbrush & toothpaste

Water bottle










Full water bottle



























Entertainment items (reading materials, cards, etc.)

Do NOT Bring

Valuable as they may be, the following things are not worth risking your life over:

  • A large bag or container crammed with your possessions
  • Sentimental items

Can I just buy one online?

We estimate that student "Go-Kits" will likely be cheaper to create on your own, as Westmont stores basic emergency supplies on campus (such as water, food, and first aid). However, many retailers sell pre-made emergency kits for those looking for a quick solution.

No pre-made kit will fit your needs exactly, so take the time to consider what additional items you'll want to add to any kit you buy. These online retailers offer various emergency supplies. These websites are offered as a point of reference, and Westmont does not assume any responsibility for the products these websites offer, nor do we encourage or endorse any one retailer.