Music Half | Full Recitals

Students in the performance track are required to perform a half (previously “junior”) and a full (previously “senior”) recital. Bachelor of Music Education students are required to perform a half recital. Other music majors may petition to perform a half or full recital. The half recital requires registration for MU 093 (0 units credit). The full recital requires registration for MU 193 (2 units credit).

Students are required to submit a recital application (link below) the semester in advance of the desired semester in which the recital is to be held. (e.g. if you wish to have your recital in the Fall semester, your application is due by the last day of finals of the previous Spring semester).

The application will ask for you to submit three potential dates, and the faculty will select one. Please note that recitals cannot be scheduled during the last two weeks of classes (not including finals week).

Recital request and scheduling application should include all repertoire to be performed (any changes to the program after the form has been submitted can be made with the approval of the student’s lesson teacher). Students need to perform at least two fully prepared selections on a music department colloquium.

Once the application is submitted, the recital coordinator will arrange for at least two full time music faculty to overview and approve the recital request form (indicating they will attend the recital and adjudicate). The grade for recitals will be assigned by consensus of the attending faculty members.

A half recital can be joint with another student (approved by faculty). The length of a joint recital should be approximately 75 minutes. A full recital is approximately 60-70 minutes in length including intermission. An individual half recital should be between 35-45 minutes.

All recitals are held in Deane Chapel. Requests to perform the recitals elsewhere will be considered by the music faculty. Any extra expense involving a change in location is the student's responsibility. Venue changes must be confirmed before program copy is submitted to the music office.

Students must use the official Recital Template as provided by the music department, which will then provide programs for the event. Students are responsible for ensuring that all information is correct and for confirming all information with their lesson instructor. In order to ensure that the programs will be ready to view and print before the recital date, students must submit the recital program details to Dr. Gee at least two weeks prior to the performance date. Late submissions will result in the unlikelihood of any program for the event.

Collaborative Pianist
Accompanists must be notified of intended recital dates and times prior to the submission of the online form. Students should use the link below to find an accompanist.

Students are welcome to hold a reception after their recital but are responsible for all expenses, refreshments, setup, and cleanup.

The student should provide publicity information to the music office at least two weeks prior to the recital. The music department will handle publicity for the recital, including listing the event on campus calendar and placing notices in campus news publications. Students are welcome to make posters for placement around campus.