Welcome to the College Archives! Our collection helps tell the story of our institution and the people that have been part of it. We organize, preserve, and make accessible items related to Westmont's history.

The archives are located on the first floor of Voskuyl Library and are open by appointment.  If you would like to visit or for more information, please contact  the College Archivist:


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Usage Policy

We invite all Special Collections visitors to review our usage policy prior to their visit.

Guidelines for the use of Special Collections and archival materials 

  1. All users must read and agree to abide by the usage policy.
  2. The Special Collections are non-circulating and therefore all materials stay in the Special Collections. Westmont College reserves the right to restrict the use of some materials in its collection.
  3. Please do not bring food, drink, or chewing gum into the Special Collections. 
  4. Please use care when handling collection materials. Only pencils may be used in Special Collections. Pens are not permitted. 
  5. Do not lean on, write on, fold, trace over or handle materials in a way that may damage them. 
  6. Please keep all material in the order in which you received them.
  7. No marks may be added to or removed from any materials. 
  8. When visiting Special Collections, all personal belongings including backpacks, briefcases, handbags, laptop cases, etc. must be placed in the area designated by Special Collections staff.
  9. Cameras and other devices may not be used to take photographs of materials without permission from Westmont Special Collections staff. Permission to photograph does not constitute permission to publish. (Title 17 US Code)