Spring 2024 Tutoring Schedule 

All tutoring sessions are free to attend! 

CRLA International Tutor Training Program Certification (with Logo)

Sessions are facilitated by trained tutors who have typically taken the same course with the professor. Enrolled students can show up to any number of sessions—no prior registration or referral needed. Our program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). 

Contact Julissa Delgado, tutoring@westmont.edu, or the tutor listed for the class with any questions).

*CHM 006Chemistry TBDTBD 
CS-010Design & Impl.Wed. 6-8 pmCS LoungeAlanna Wroten
CS-30Abstract ModelsWed/Thur.            6:45-7:45 pmCS LoungeLevi Wicks
EB-003AccountingWed. 6-8pmClark TPhil Heldwein
HIS-010Perspectives (Chapman)Thur. 7-9 pmVL 307Emily Lindblad
HIS-010Perspectives (Keaney)In ClassIn ClassKyle McCullum
HIS-010Perspectives (Minor)Tues. /Thurs.                7-8 pmVL 204Thomas Reed
MA-005Statistics              (Hunter) Wed. 7-9 pmVL 216David Oyebade
MA-005Statistics (Ahlman)Thurs. 5-7 pmWinter 212Alissa Davis
MA-009-1 Calculus ITues/Wed 7-8 pmWinter 321Becca Hudson
MA-010Calculus IIWed. 7:30-9:30 pmWinter 212Cora Bailey
RS-001Old Testament (Van Dyke) T/TH 5-6 pmVL 203Bailey Hall
RS-001Old Testament (Richter)Tues/Wed                  6:45-7:45 pmWinter 216Jon Kratzberg
RS-010New Testament (Reeder)Mon. 6-8 pmVL 204Kisa Mosely
RS-010-3New Testament (Beers)Mon 6-8 pm VL 203Payton Rush
* French Wed.  5-6pm              Sun. 7-9 pmVL 307Kady Mekoyo
* Spanish Tues/Sun. 
7:15-8:45 pm
Library main floorKira Wanner

* Tutoring for these classes is run by its respective department. Their schedule is included above for your convenience. Please direct any questions regarding tutoring for this class to the department.