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A limited set of general purpose forms are available here. If you need a risk-related form not appearing below, please email our Office of Risk Management.

Waiver forms for various activities are prepared by the Office of Risk Management and available upon request.

Catering Options

If you're logged into your account you'll be able to access this chart showing what documentation is needed for various events involving food. More on this (including the list of approved catering vendors) can be found at the Procurement site.

Shooter Readiness Resources

This document contains information presented on 3/28/13.

Risk Learning Resources

The materials at the United Educators ELearning site are available for all in the Westmont community. They have been developed and provided by United Educators, the college's liability insurance carrier.

Topics found there include:

  • Contracting Fundamentals
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Misconduct
  • Short-Term International Programs
  • Student Threat Assessment Teams
  • Teaching Science Safely

To access these materials, after clicking the ELearning site:

  1. Create a new account on the right side of the screen
  2. Use this institution registration code: 2993-SE37-XY12
  3. Provide specific information about your role at Westmont and then create a username and password
  4. Use your username and password each time you log in using the United Educators ELearning site.

Earthquake Roles

This presentation describes how Westmont's earthquake plan is organized, and covers some activities, resources and expectations for those with designated response roles.

Preparedness Videos

The videos listed at left will teach you about

  • travel safey
  • how to respond in the unlikely event of a shooter on campus
  • the basics of immediate disaster medical response.

(The Triage video is in the public domain, but posted here for reference.)


This website is intended for use by Westmont staff and faculty to create a Continuity Plan for their departments. The Office of Risk Management will be contacting departments to set up meetings to discuss how the tool works and how to best use it. If you have any questions or concerns about how to use WestmontBackOnTrack, please direct your questions to