Contact Info for Potter's Clay

Here are the best ways to reach someone regarding Westmont's student-led Spring Break ministry in Ensenada Mexico.


Phone service to the numbers below is typically quite good. In most cases these people will be available from 9am to 9pm. For after-hours emergencies you can also try the number shown below the table. Our cost for international service is appx $1.40/min, so please use the cell numbers ONLY for emegency calls.

Non-urgent inquiries should be directed to the Risk Assistant in Santa Barbara either by phone
(805-565-6201) or email.

Jennifer Fuentes, PC Staff Director 805-565-6891
Jason Tavarez, Dir of Institutional Resilience 832-563-6152
Troy Harris, Asst VP for Institutional Resilience [Retired] 805-455-6633

Westmont's Situation Readiness & Response Team (SRT) will be standing by throughout the Spring Break week to field emergency calls if necessary. To reach one of them leave word with our Public Safety officer on duty at 805-565-6222. Provide your name and number so that we can return your call as quickly as possible.


Click here for information about travel risks.