We use a variety of methods to rapidly share emergency information.

Student Notification

Students are required to provide both About You and Reach You numbers as part of the class registration process for each semester. This information is automatically uploated to our notification system.

Employee Notification

Employee work phone number and email address are automatically uploaded to our notification system along with the About You and the Reach You numbers you provide in the following manner. You must be logged in so that you can update your contact information.

  • Go to the Faculty & Staff Directory
    ​DO NOT search for your name yet (for some reason doing so before starting this process seems to throw things off)
  • You should see, in the right area, one of these two conditions:
    A) The link "Login" indicating that you are not yet logged in, and you must do so by clicking that link; or 
    B) Under certain conditions you may see the link "Logged in" indicating you are already logged in
  • Upon successful login you should see your own Directory listing AND under the photo/"No Photo" area on the left you'll find a set of options to "Update your:"
  • If you don't see that, you have not successfully logged in. Refresh your browser and start again, or use another browser
  • Select Emergency Contact, and complete both the About You and Reach You sections
    (the Select Carrier option is obsolete)
  • Tap Save