Reunion Leaders

How to help with a reunion.


Step 1

Contact the Alumni Office. You're help is needed for a successful reunion! Let us know of your interest and find out if a team is in place yet. If you don't already have a few classmates to help you, the team will connect you with any others who have volunteered to help. Please contact the office before September 15 to help with planning.

Step 2

Determine reunion timing. Reunions are often scheduled for the Friday or Saturday evening of Homecoming weekend. Some opt for a dinner format at a home or restaurant, but it can be as simple as a family friendly gathering at a park. 

Step 3

Work as reunion committee to pin down details such as:

  • Your class reunion activity. From restaurants, to beaches to whale watching, decide what style of gathering fits your classmates and life stage best. The alumni office can provide suggestions. See if a local alum is willing to play host for a gathering.
  • Some class leaders schedule multiple activities around town during the weekend. 
  • Share the responsibilities. Decide which classmate will be the point of contact for your venue, for example, if needed. Who will reach out to classmates, etc.
  • Plan any programming for your gathering. Will it be a structured event or informal? 

Step 4

Provide alumni office your reunion event details. The alumni relations team will help communicate with all classmates and post details online. The alumni office can also gather RSVPs and print name tags.

Step 5

Determine cost and take payments. Any reunion dining or activity costs are paid by attendees. Many reunion volunteers use apps like Venmo to collect payment from classmates.

Step 6

Stay in contact with the alumni office. The alumni office will generate email reminders, keep you updated on head count, and print name tags.

Step 7

Attend your reunion and have a blast! You helped make it possible for old friends to reconnect!

Did You Know?

The 25th Reunion Dinner is paid for by Westmont College. This year, the Class of 1998 will be hosted in Westmont’s Global Leadership Center.

The 50th Reunion, called Golden Warriors, celebrate their reunion in May, including a special part in Commencement.

Ready to Get Involved?

Contact the Alumni Office for more details at (805) 565-6056 or