All incoming Westmont students are assigned a Student Success Coach. Your designated coach will reach out to you by email for an initial meeting.  If you have not heard from a coach by September 15, please contact the Center for Student Success at css@westmont.edu.

Required Meetings: 
You are required to meet with your Student Success Coach at least once during the first four weeks of each semester.

Additional Meetings: 
You can reach out to your coach whenever you have questions or when challenges arise. Review your coach’s appointment calendar (link in their bio) to book a session.

Your coach may reach out to you at the suggestion or recommendation of a professor, residence life member, or other college staff, or if you receive an Early Alert. (See “What is an Early Alert?” FAQ)

The Student Success Coaches have offices in the Center for Student Success located in Clark N.

Transfer students will meet with their Student Success Coach, Sonya Welch, in the Student Records Office in Kerrwood Hall.

At Westmont, we care, and we want to see you succeed.  As part of Westmont’s system of care, faculty pay close attention to students’ academic habits and performance. Each semester, faculty are asked to notify the Center for Student Success if they notice any trends in a students’ academic life that might benefit from proactive intervention. If you receive any Early Alerts, your SSC will contact you to work together on connecting you with the resources available to reroute and support your trajectory.

Academic Advisor

Student Success Coach

Faculty member who teaches courses in an area you indicated interest

Student life staff member who is broadly trained across all areas of the college 

Will work with you for your entire time at Westmont 

(you may change advisor to fit your academic needs)

Will work with you primarily in your first year helping you build a solid foundation

You are required to meet with them in weeks 7-10 of the semester to receive clearance to register for the next semester’s classes.

You are required to meet with them at least once during the first 4 weeks of each semester of your 1st year (optional to meet with them at other times or after your 1st year)

Can advise about all Westmont-related areas,  but will emphasize:

  • emphasize progress toward graduation

  • disciplinary development

  • academic success

Will help you:

  • set goals for your college experience

  • give personalized direction to helpful resources

  • encourage you to create healthy habits for thriving in college

Since faculty manage diverse duties in addition to advising, including classroom instruction and research, office hours are always a great time to connect!

Primary role is to meet with you as a first-year student, get to know you personally, and be available for all seasons of your journey. If you struggle (because we all do) they will help you strategize how to get back on track.