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Student researchers create solutions through technology that help shape the Westmont experience and serve the admissions and advancement offices.


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  • Feature Profile: Reed Sheard

    As higher education undergoes a shift from the traditional to the technological, institutions must adapt as they look forward at emerging technologies. Here at Westmont, the CATLab is an incubator for imaginative, valuable ideas that inspire technological evolution. Yet the CATLab’s formation was only possible due to Westmont CIO Reed Sheard.  

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  • Three Reasons to Take Your Team to Conferences

    A common (if somewhat short sighted) belief in the business world is that sending your team to a conference takes away precious hours from office work, costing the employer time and money. Yet on the contrary to this misconception, everyone benefits from conferences: attendees come home with an expanded business network; renewed energy; and tangible, viable ideas to help innovation flourish in the workplace.

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  • Four Ways to Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

    When many people think of computer programming, the stereotypical movie hacker comes to mind—a hunched figure alone in a dark room, typing furiously at a bright screen filled with incomprehensible lines of jargon. Contrary to popular belief, however, STEM careers, including software development, are often highly team-oriented. A team of developers, not unlike a sports team, is comprised of individuals in different roles working towards a common goal, such as the completion of a project or the launch of an app.

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  • In Tension with Intention: The Divide Between Humanity and Technology

    The mission of the Center for Applied Technology is to transform the way technology shapes the Westmont experience. We seek to accomplish this goal not only by building software for the school, but also by being conscious of how we use technology—and social media in particular—both professionally and personally.
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  • 5 Ways to Make Training Engaging

    Training forms a crucial part of every job, especially here at the CATLab. With students cycling in and out every few months, it’s important for training to be effective and efficient. The better the training, the better the project as a whole. Here are a few ideas for making training more engaging.
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  • What is Salesforce?

    This summer at the CATLab, a high-performing team of Westmont students and staff are crafting solutions for tech problems in Westmont’s admissions department through a cutting-edge platform called Salesforce. By building creative, efficient components in Salesforce, the CATLab aims to integrate Westmont’s separate advancement and admissions instances.
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